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how to make a distortion/pedal? Answered

if you could make a very easy instructble on it it will help
show wiring nd ake it for a preschooler to read.




Best Answer 8 years ago

If you were trying to get a note to a specific person you missed.

If you were wanting just any old effects pedel then take your pick.

just buy one. in my experiance thats been the best. and it will last longer. (Attention slightly graphic content coming up) My dad had a distortion pedal in the 70s, called the big muff, which has lasted so far, and is still in frequent use (every day) and i have done many concerts with it. i luv it.

im not speaking for everyone here but i look to build things not to last long but just to say that i did. you can get a sense of pride out of building and using your own things. but if your looking for an item that will last you a lifetime you should buy one.