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how to make a motorized toy car? Answered

I have a science class and I need to built a moving toy car that uses a motor



most hobby shops sell kit cars that use 2 AA bateries.  But if you have to build it from scratch, old walkman tape players have a motor with a rubber belt.  You can use plastic bottle caps for wheels, and wire hangers for axels.  You can run the axels through straws and loop the belt tight around the axil or put one of the wheels from the walkman in it to make it turn... its up to what ever your imagination can conceive. just a suggestion.

i am currently making a toy car and i am having A LOT OF TROUBLE on the axels can you please show me pictures on how you make the axels.

Normally I wouldn't recommend knex for most stuff but this is just something that is way to easy to make with knex so I'll suggest it anyways.

If you have knex 4 wheels and the motor that comes with almost every pack you'll have yourselfs a car in seconds

if not pry open an old toy car you don't need take the motor, the axels and the wheels and put it on another chassis.

This is as far electrical goes. I don't know how good you are with it.

Also you didn't explain what sort of motor. If you need a selfpowerd car I would recommend a pullback mechanism.

So in order for us to help you more I recommend you need to give more details.


A) what is the point off the assignement (to learn to build a motor, to learn you about power...?)

B) What do you have to make yourself? (is it okay if you didn't build the motor?)

C) what kind of motor? Should it be electrical, selfpowered, eco friendly?

D)What should it look like (is it okay if you have 4 wheels and a motor or do you need it to be fancy and all?)

You could make one out of knex.