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how to make a pair of wireless headphones? Answered

 how to make a pair of cheap stress cheap wireless headphones??


There's the boring way, the easy way and the awesome way.

Boring way: Buy a usb radio transmitter for a few dollars. Buy a tiny radio. Integrate into headphones. Build and add a CMOY headphone amp if you want better volume control. Total work: 30 minutes.

Easy way: There's a chip that does this for you. It is 6$: http://www.semiconductorstore.com/pdf/newsite/nordic/nRF24Z1.pdf

Awesome way: Get a radio licence. Give your wireless headphones a 1000 meter range using only analog electronics. Bonus points if you use vacuum tubes. More bonus points if you build your own vacuum tubes.

Two not-exactly-made solutions I've used:

Plug a jack->fm dongle (those things for playing mp3/cd players in cars w/o cassette adapter) into the computer. Buy a cheap ($2-$4) portable FM radio and leave it tuned to it. About $8-$12 depending on how cheap the FM adapter can be gotten.

Hook up a cheap bluetooth dongle (if not bluetooth enabled) and use a bluetooth headset. Computer use only, but many forget that they in fact work as a plain headphone as well and are pretty reasonable.

two IR leds driven by the amp. would provide right and left.  STronger if put in front of a reflector.

Two Ir receivers that drive a small stereo amp that connect to the headphone.

Most of what you need if not all are available to you are Radio Shack if you've got one near.