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how to make a patch Answered

I recently got my hands on an awesome jacket from Goodwill, and it is the perfect material to put a couple patches on. I have a couple designs in mind for the patches I wanna make, but I have no idea where to start, so please help me out. I am a complete newbie too PS printed or sewn patches are both a help, but preferably sewn.


Find a place that has an embroidering machine, it's like a big printer but it sews designs, they used to have one near me in the middle of what would equate to a mall... Find out what files and details for the image then get designing...

ok, sounds good. But I was wondering if I could possibly just make my own at home without having to pay for anything other than materials....

It'd be pretty tricky and it'll involve a lot of embroidery. You basically need some thick fabric, and then you'll need to attach some interfacing to that once the fabric is embroidered and sew around the edges.

Ahhhh.... I see, that makes sense. Thanks a lot! I appreciate the help everyone.

You're welcome. You best be making an instructable if you figure this out. ;)

Haha oh yes I will, but I can't guarantee any as good as yours, especially since sewing is all new to me

Use an instructables patch !! I have 3 !

if your 18, try to find one of them biker/tattoo/smoke shops, they have cool patches for sell, real cheep. you could also try cross stitching or some other hand embroidery but it will take some time and your hands will be real sore.