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how to make a pilates machine from a rower , exercise bands and a stair stepper? Answered

Please tell me how to make a pilates machine from the above parts. It seems athat they are all part of a pilates machine and I have them and hate to use them by themselves but would love to try pilates. I know someone will come up with a good solution and the know how


There are many different kinds of pilates machine, but the one you're probably thinking of is called a reformer. Here's a link that shows how a reformer is put together.


I can see where you might be able to hack a rower into one of these, but I'm utterly mystified how the stair stepper would figure in.

I thought I could use the stepper for stability and to attach the elastic bands from to use in an overhead action.

Why don't you sell the stuff you've got and buy what you need?