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how to make a simple circuit of video transmitter cum receiver? Answered



http://anarchy.translocal.jp/microtv/howtotvtx.html very simple, I'm fifteen and I can do it, now that's saying something. It's a mod of the simplest fm transmitter and it dosnt come with a receiver because the receiver it the television itself as long as it's not to new of a tv. If you can find a receiver that'd be great and IDE apreciate if you let me know as well because I'm trying to make mods to a camera and a walk talki with this as a kind of video chat thing but I need a receiver for the video. Also I suggest making the simplest Fm transmitter as well because unless you try the hard version you will not get sound just video. Good luck and god speed.

If all you need is to get the audio/video signal from one room to another (eg, from your VCR in the family room to the TV set in the kitchen), X10 used to make a unit which worked pretty well, priced at about $100, and (I think) also including the ability to send IR signals back the other way so a remote control could also work remotely. Haven't looked recently to see if it, or indeed if X10, still exists.

HAve you tried searching for a suitable cct.

Did you understand what you found

If so then either you know why there are no "simple" video transmitters or why you can't build one without prior knowledge and skills.