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how to make a simple swich with objects that can be found aroung a home? Answered

Im juslt looking for a way to connect a battery to a moter with a simple offordable swich that i could build using things found around home


There is a booklet from Radio Shack from a while ago with some easy switches in it. Sorry about the pictures, my camera's getting old...

Title Page.jpgPaper Clip switch.jpgTilt Switch.jpgPhone PLug Switch.jpgBladder Switch.jpg

Thanks all of yo this helps a lot

get unpainted springy hairclip connect the end with the pivot to something bend a paperclip over where the center part of the hairclip is connect a wire to each clip this switch is more complex to make but makes sharp snap moves similar to a real switch

how big is the motor? how big is the battery? I assume they're rather small, but if they aren't you're going to want to get a commercial switch from somewhere, such as RadioShack If you're talking A-D sized batteries and a small dc hobby motor, go ahead and punch a pair of tacks through a notecard. Then, bend up a paperclip into a hook shape. Then you can simply swing your primitive switch shut and complete the circuit.

One really crude switch involves two pieces of cardboard, tin foil, and scrap cloth or similar. Cover the two pieces of cardboard with the foil, tape the cloth around the edges between the two cardboard pieces, and then tape the cardboard together. Now you have a basic momentary switch.