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how to make a standard on/off rc car have variable acceleration? also how to soften rubber? Answered

i bought a "bigtime muscle" rc car from walmart to hack and mod, one of the mods being making the car have variable acceleration.
this car has a rather simple receiver board and a unidentifiable control chip, but how to higher grade rc's make their acceleration variable? is that on the car or in the remote?

also, the car had rather tough/hard tires on it, so it has very bad grip/handling, is there any way i can soften the tires, or would i have to buy new ones that are softer?


i know there must be some way to do this with transistors and stuff, right?
about 5 or 6 transistors to resemble the gears in a drivetrain and each transistor will let a little bit more voltage to the motor until its full-on?

Tires - difficult to soften rubber - you could replace with the foam pipe lagging or cover with a layer of silicone bath sealant to give a softer surface.

The on off control to proportional control is more difficult as your transmitter is not likely to give out a proportional signal so practically your best option would be to replace the entire thing with a modern digital transmitter and receiver. ESC set up to replace what's there and use that for something else .

i would use a esc and a newer proportional controls, but i havent got the money to buy all that, besides, i wasnt asking if it was possible to replace the originals to work like a proportional one, i wanted to know how to modify the originals to make them proportional.

No it's almost certainly not possible. I thought I said that above.