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how to make a toy out of items lying around your house Answered

My friends are coming round and i dont have much toys for their children to play with so please could you give me an idea on how to make toys out of house hold items 



Kids, will entertain themselves,
Do you have one of following? an empty box, an empty coffee can, an empty plastic bucket? As long as it specifically says "not a toy" then its fair game. I.e no plastic bags.
I dont know your age range, but to a 2 yr old, a 5 gallon water jug is like the best thing ever.

I think to a 2 yr old, a fire hose is like the best thing ever...wait, maybe a circus cannon. No, go with the empty refrigerator box.

Adult supervision required for all watersports. It only takes an inch of water to drown.

i entertained myself with fireworks and matches for the better(and worse) part of my childhood.
But that was a different era, when it was less dangerous to raise a kid.

Yeah, I did that too, but mine were improvised: aerosol cans became rockets (when propped up at the proper angle in a fire) etc. :D

i had to shoot them with a 22 while they were in the fire in order for them to blow up or fly through the air. otherwise the tip would just burn off.

I propped them at an angle, with the bottom "in the hot coals" and the nozzle up and at about a 45 degree angle away from the fire....the emptier the better :-)

Give them a pile of bamboo skewers and rubber bands, string etc, then ask them to build something cool.

(How old are the kids? Do you have a garden?)

1. Are you scared of the kids?
2. Are the kids scared of you?

Best bet is to whip up a batch of play-dough, kids can help if they are old enough. Otherwise, a bunch of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and a lot of paper. Art and origami. Good luck.