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how to make an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) ? Answered

i want to make an EMP without (transformers , high voltage capacitors , and of course not nuclear)




4 years ago

Get copper wire wrap it around a iron metal tube (or screw)
from the two ends of the wire give as high electrisity as you can and it will give an electro magnetic pulse

also does the job as a magnet

p.s. give electrisity for about 1 min !!!


5 years ago

I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help.

You said no nuclear, but would a design using conventional explosives be OK?

.... Well, yeah, there is that solution. Again, over a relatively tiny area.

Not sure what you mean by that solution, but I was thinking something more like this thingy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Explosively_pumped_flux_compression_generator

I have to admit that the usual trick for the EPFCG involves starting it with a large current pulse from a capacitor bank, and the OP specifically said no high voltage capacitors. So how do we get around that?  Maybe using the "bound current" in a strong permanent magnet? I dunno. 

This question feels like someone asking how to make an omelet without eggs.  I mean there is such a thing as an optimization problem that is over-constrained, and people ask questions like that in this forum all the time.

Eg: please to give me detailed plans to build magic-carburetor for car to travel from New York to Mexico City, at 300 km/h, on only half a liter of petrol.

Yeah.  Another easy one.

Somehow I wanted to segue this reply into the attached pictures of my shirt-pocket-sized EMP generator.  Yes. I know.  It's very nice! I made it by pulling a piezo-sparker-module from a butane lighter, and stuffing it into the body of a ballpoint pen.  I think it really could brick somebody's electronic devices.  It's just a matter of getting close enough.... A more elaborate instructable might be in order, but I've already explained most of it.  The object in the pictures being zapped is a small neon indicator lamp.



I would like to have a very small emp device. I am willing to pay for all the expenses. Please let me know if someone can help.

I don't know that I'd call that EMP as the term is generally used, but it's certainly a high-voltage spark discharge producing an electromagnet pulse.

Inverse square law is my friend in this case, though not yours; "close enough" is probably extremely close indeed -- close enough that the spark would be likely to jump and do more damage than the field, I think.

The non-pulsed field around high-tension lines can be enough to make fluorescent bulbs light up, at least dimly. There have been some art installations taking advantage of that, and some lawsuits when someone tried to tap power that way without paying for it.

That's what I meant: close enough for the spark to jump. Or closer. Within that small radius of just a few millimeters from the tip of the pen, it's absolutely devastating!

You should probably do some more reading. The EMPs you are probably are looking for use very high voltage electricity at high current to affect the flow of electricity in other devices, destroying stuff like microchips. You would use a transformer to get that voltage, and then store it in capacitors. then you release in a brief "pulse" through an electromagnet. Its highly inefficient, and much easier to just outright smash whatever you are using it on, or throw it in a microwave.

So, no, You need two of those for an EMP, and three if you get your power from a nuclear power plant.

You can certainly produce an electromagnetic pulse. You do so every time you make or break a circuit, for example. You just can't produce that is anywhere even remotely near the order of magnitude top.boy is apparently asking for. Even over a tiny area.

Drop the fantasy; find something more useful to pursue.

Then you can't. You need high currents and high voltages.