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how to make an audio system out of a old radio? Answered

for my birthday i once got a radio kit to make your own radio. It's very basic. It consists out of batteries, speaker, amplifier, preamplifier (series of risistors and stuff), detector, am tuner and fm tuner. It also has an volume control integrated. (see pictures) As I am only 16 years old and not very familiar with electronics I need some help for the next thing. I am very interested in everything that has to do with technical stuff. So I was wondering if I could elimate the fm and am tuner out of this circuit and turn it into a mp3-player speaker. Is this possible? If so, could anyone tell me how?


I don't see pictures... If it's a kit you should be able to easily identify the audio-in to the amplifier. If you connect audio-out from an mp3 player to this you'll have a amp and speaker. Is this a mono or stereo kit? L

damn, I did upload pictures for this one :s It has only one speaker so I am asuming it is mono? thanks for your comment m8 I'll try to get those pictures in here Grtz


Yeah, it's mono, but you can see the amp and it's input very easily - just disconnect the output from the radio receiver and replace it. I don't know offhand how to patch stereo into mono though... L

thank you very much for your feedback man
I hope it will work, but i have great confidence in you ;)
I'll try to work something out for the mono vs stereo thing then, I'll see
where I get.
thx again

(don't run it through the pre-amp, and start with the volume on minimum) Best wishes L