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how to make an awesome mountian bike even better? Answered

ok so i have a mongoose mountain bike, its silver and black , has a awesome stereo system , and some ok spokes is there some doable ways to make this bike better????????????

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adam567890 (author)2012-01-29

If you're looking to be different, or just get around in anything but a car like everyone else's, and your willing to pay for it, I would suggest a hybrid bike. Go to http://currietech.com. They sell conversion kits for standard 26" bikes and they sell bikes pre-made. I got a conversion kit because the full bikes are way out of my range. (from $750 up!) They are really fun on the bike paths, because on the hills i don't pedal and people freak out. Either way, That's one way to stand out.

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JaredsProjects (author)2010-05-25

Maybe you could add a bike generator, like this one: www.instructables.com/id/Bike-Generator/, to power a cell phone, mp3 player, etc.  Another thing you could do is a POV (persistence of vision) image in the wheels,www.instructables.com/id/SpokePOV%3A-LED-Bike-Wheel-Images/.


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