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how to make arc reactor in home? Answered

how to make arc reactor at home & what are its uses



There are several types of "arc reactor" (according to wikipedia)
1. apparatus to produce c60 and other fullerenes
2. plasma arc waste disposal reactor
3. fictional power source of the iron man

The first two you can build but it wont exactly be very useful around the house.

The last one is fictional so you can only build things that look like the fictional object but do not serve the same purpose. The uses for a replica of a fictional item are generally limited to decoration, toys or costume props.

On a slightly side not:
There is a type of fusion reactor called a z-pinch which could use the name "arc reactor" but since fusion is still not energy positive it would be limited to being a kickass science fair project.

What is an "arc reactor"?



6 years ago

Watt a power full Featured engineering object you can make to energize your most complex organ  those little gray cells while in the making.


It's easy to build one. Get Jon Favreau to direct you, and a producer to fund you, and hey presto!

What you don't want to build it in a cave with a box of scraps?

It's for magnetically keeping shrapnel out of your heart, and powering your billion dollar metal suit.