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how to make chapati? Answered

Plz help me i dont know to make chapati out of wheat flour


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ap nambiar (author)2012-07-13

You can buy atta from nearby grocery shop.
Put around 2 cups of atta into a large bowl.
Pour a little water to the atta powder so that you can make an oval shape or round shape with the water-atta mixture.
Take a small amount from that mixture and roll it using a roller to make a circular plate shape and then put in the friyng pan! thats it!

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frollard (author)2010-11-02


goto the white box at the top right, and type 'chapati'. no quotes even...just chapati. hit 'go', then use your eyes to direct your brain to move your wrist to move your mouse pointer to 'go'. Top search result.

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