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how to make electric shock chewing gum works without pulling? Answered

Hi, I'm doing a school project and i'm going to put this electric shock chewing gum i purchased inside this box and people are supposed to put their hand through the hole and get a harmless electric shock. How can i do so without instructing them to pull?so that once they touch they will get the electric shock.
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i thought of bug zapper but it is too big to place in the box.

please help,
greatly appreciated.


you need either inverter - a circuit that constantly runs off a battery and generates high voltage on the fly. it gives AC so makes the best shocks usually (that feel really electric but not harmfull if inverter is small). they are used in all the chewing gum shockers and bug zappers etc. problem is - since they run all the time they kill batteries fast. you have to replace battery all the time (environment !) or power from power block. thats why they are allways built to work when you do something to them - like pulling out the chewing gum a bit etc - to save battery and switch on only when power is actually needed. a custom built inverter (not too complex to make) can make shocker that runs for many hours by making its shocks pulsed (with short pauses) to save battery bunch of 9 V batteries (used batteries are ok too - you just may need more of them) - connect 5 batteries in series and touch the end + and - with your hand (use 1 hand not 2). you may feel some curent. add batteries if needed. batteries give DC with which is quite hard to find ballance between 'good enough to feel like electricity' and 'too high voltage to be safe' so not really good for shocker high voltage capacitor - you charge it with high voltage and it is emptied when some1 touches it. enough for several very painfull shocks. can be dangerous and injure. capacitor is DC too like the battery

heys!thanks for being so nice and replied. i just need it to work for awhile,demonstration. so now i have the shock chewing gum with me how should i make it always active? thankss.

Wire it up to a sheet of foil and put it where they can't pull on it? L