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how to make flaming wings for photos, using spark plug, gasoline and pipe? Answered

I wanted to create a fire effect using some type of combustible set up to simulate firey wings for various photographic projects. I thought maybe making a twin metal tube design out of copper with many little holes and a ignition tap with a gas reservoir. but have to think of how to ignite it safely, how much gas to use without being too dangerous and the proper expansion of the pilot holes. The ignition system should be something simple and reusable, probably a spark plug and battery system. anyone have any ideas or advice on how to do this? thanks.


Look here * http://people.tribe.net/a8d98a75-97c4-44b6-85ba-6582df182b45 If this is what you are looking for, contact me. White gas and kevlar.

If you have Adobe Photoshop CS3 (or 4 or 5), this provides a safer and cheaper option of artificially inserting some fiery wings of any size or color. I would recommend that over a physical effect. But if you simply must have the real flaming wings, I would weld some thin gauge steel tubing behind the wings with holes drilled every inch or so. Then, thread a hose barb to the end of the setup. Put a propane regulator on a gas hose and put the other end of the hose on the barb. Then adjust the flame accordingly. Make sure that there aren't any leaks in the system. Despite what you might think, there is no real risk of the propane igniting in the tube as there is no oxygen in there to support combustion. I would use propane gas over gasoline any day as there is no risk of spillage and it is easier to control than gasoline.

They do have "flamethrower" units for torching grass/applying hot tar for roofing. They hook up to a BBQ propane gas tank. Or use a simple blowtorch with the piezo-spark pushbutton igniters. Gas probably doesn't give you the black smoke effect though, but much safer.