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how to make flux, there are instructables how to do that, but i can't find ethyl alcohol? Answered

1. vinegar
2. sodium bleach
that all that i can get,



7 years ago

steve: they dont sell flux here steve, it will be more fun make your own, if i can buy one, i will.
rkbrumbelow: im using flux for soldering ic to motherboard, its kind of project.

Solder for electronics CONTAINS flux, its inside the wire.

Where is "here" that doesn't sell flux ?


when I was last in KL I remember that I saw a few electronics hobbyists shops. They'll have what you need. And solder for electronics has the flux in it.


Jalan Pasar, it's near the Pudu Wet Market.

woow, thank you steve, well steve just in case if i dont find the shop, what do you think about using lemonade as flux.

The sugar in the lemonade will burn and ruin the joint.


Yeap, Same reason you should not use orange juice. Lemons are OK, Even sugar free koolaid will work in an absolute pinch but high amounts of sugar will leave some residue behind you will not be able to remove.

but lemonade will burn, and ruin the joint.

Yes. That is the difference betwedn lemon juice and lemonaid. Lemonaid is lemon juice + sugar+ water. What you are after is the citric acid in the lemonjuice.

I believe methanol will react badly with ICs so you will either need to find electronics grade isopropyl alcohol, electronics grade ethanol or use vodka avd run it thriugh a carbon filter. All of the other solutions I mentioned can contain methanol. Have you considered using an acid based flux rather than an alkaline one?

acid based you talk about citric acid, it contain on orange or lemon. do i have to find this fruit just to make flux, or everytime iwant to use flux. i found some home prouduct it have ethanol plus water and poly hydrocloride, can i use this to make flux, but i will consider to use acid based, if i dont find ethyl alcohol.

Given avavailability, it sounds like lemon juice as the acid, baking soda to neutralize and a nylon toothbrush to clean up are your best bet. Orangejuce tends to contain to much sugar.

orangejuice contain to much sugar, so alternative that i have is?

only that, thats all. really........

Given the limitations you have stated, Yes

You are more than welcome, and I am glad I could help. I do Old glass work from before modern tools and chemicals existed/ could be produced so I have a lot of respect for someone trying to get by using the old techniques even for new processes. I wish you the best. Just remember as I mentioned you will want to neutralize the acid with baking soda then brush off everything with a toothbrush so you do not leave any residue.

Why do you need to make flux ? Just buy it.

Ethyl alcohol is the same thing as ethanol. Depending on how pure you need it, any hardware store will sell denatured alcohol (which has additives to make it toxic to consume but is not taxed as much as consumable ethyl alcohol). Many electronics stores such as Fry's will sell electronics grade ethanol the local liquor store will sell vodka and you may be able to find moonshine aka white lightning. The only difference beteeen them all is 1)taxes paid 2) amount and type of impurities. You will never find pure ethyl alcohol as it is very hydroscopic and it will suck water out of the air till around 60% alcohol 40% water.

You may also want to run some tests and see if isopropyl alcohol will work for you.

If you do not mind me asking, what are you using the flux for? The only time I hear of that formulation is for leaded glass work.