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how to make folding display booth backdrop? Answered

I am planning to put a display booth in a local fair. I have seen professional collapsible display booths but they are far too expensive. Does anyone have an instructable or some ideas on how I can build one?


 sheets of cardboard taped with duct tape or a couple sheets of plywood and attach hinges to the plywood that it is able to fold up nicely so you are not carting around a huge wood or card board piece in your vehicle

 plywood on hinges eh?

If you're looking for a pop-up design, try using conduit. One bar for the top, one for the bottom, and a couple of x-braces made from two conduits connected in the center by a bolt. Conduit angle braces on the sides to keep it from tipping over backwards, with sandbags on the braces to keep it from tipping over forwards. Big piece of fabric stretched between the top and bottom pipes.

PVC might also work, but it's probably too bendy to stretch fabric over if it's a very long piece.

PVC pipe is a good choice.  You can put it together like tinkertoys, and it's lightweight.  There are both 90- and 45-degree elbows available so you can have something that wings open.  You can even get "three legged" elbows, so you can put a vertical support at each bend.  Any good garden supply show will have it.