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how to make good easy iron man armor without using pepakura for cheap? Answered

 i want to make iron man armor on the cheap without using pepakura or a fancy material i just want good looking  iron armor


You can make a perfectly good Iron Man armor without pepakura, using cardboard,  foam sheet and some kind of resin. You'll just have to make your own templates. There are several Iron Man builds on this site that you can mine for ideas.

actually if you look hard enough you can find full body templates of the iron man suit for pepakura. the only problem is that they are meant to be a little larger than "life size" so it will be pretty large for most people (come out to about 7-8 feet) with some scaleing adjustment it should work perfectly. print onto CardStock, build using glue (apply clamps) cover in masking tape (inside) to reenforce, then apply resin and fiberglass and it will be perfect

Quite so, but the OP specified no pepakura. Personally, I'd go with the pepakura option, but the alternate approaches seem to get good results as well.

im just saying Pepakura is probably the OPS best option and that it could be made very well with it

 This guy used posterboard which should suit your requirements, and while there are not any instructions, there are a lot of build photos that should be helpful in designing your own.