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how to make halo spartan 117 suit? Answered

i have been searching and have yet to find anything that will help me to make a suit. any help would be very much apreciated. i was also hoping for it to be made out of cardstock, cardboard or paper. thanks.


My sons are feverishly making Halo costumes from instructions on various sites, but their favourite is www.405th.com. There's a lot of crafting involved !

Most of their work is based on making pepakura (folded card) models, and then strengthening them with resin.


just finished making odst helmet and now starting on chest

thanks for everything turns out all i needed to do was download the torrent files

its not letting me download the files

how do i get the pepakura (folded card) models?

There are also some superb instructables on the topic - take a look under "related" on the right.