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how to make legs? Answered

hey guys i need human like legs for my robot sugjestense i looked at wowwee robots ideas any one


I'd suggest you consider wheeled/tracked transportation instead, or perhaps one of the insect/spider multilegged designs. Maintaining a two-legged stance is NOT easy.

thanks i might try this wonder how we do it might go to science class at my local collage t find out

Multi leg walkers are a good start. OR make your figure push something to effectively make it a multi leg walker. EG a person pushing a push chair or a wheel barrow or a bike, or two people together become a 4 leg beast.

A multi leg doesn't always need to be a spider!

Apart from getting board making them MANY legs makes walking somewhat easier. the bristle bot being to ultimate many legged walker.

yeah i was jocking but it is strange the less legs the easier it is for us yet almost impossable for robots

It's actually very hard for us to balanced on 2 legs but we generally have practised until it becomes second nature. We use a lot of brain power just standing still.

There is a lot of logic in having 3 legs, always evenly balanced, a reasonable gate 2 + 1, able to ambulate in any direction etc.

ok he but it is possable it has to be advancd brains help with that

Walkers are HARD! but NOT impossible. For human like legs - carve from foam polystyrene (the building insulation sort) light weight and fairly strong.

ok thanks hey i was thinking more along carbon fiber and at 3$ a roll it is cheap

Shufflers aren't bad, striding is WAY above most folks skill set.

you never know i think i was being a bit ambustes thanks