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how to make only 1 channel very cheap walky-talky.? Answered



What's the picture about?


well, she'd be the person who I'd share my walkie talkie with! ;-)

2 Plastic cups, (used to be 2 tin cans), make a small hole in the bottom and join them with a long length of string. Hole the cup to your ear whilst your friend pulls the string tight (not too tight) and speaks in the other end - You can hear over long distances.

Other wise, you could use a simple amplifier and microphone and ear phones to make a simple telephone system, if you choose your ear phone and microphone carefully you may not need the amplifier.



To be honest I can't find what you might call a very cheap option other then the above. Building Radio Frequency devices is actually very difficult. Going the mores code option with a crystal receiver and a spark gap transmitter is perhaps the least complex option.