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how to make pov rotating display? Answered


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dark_angel000 (author)lemonie2010-05-05

 hey lemonie ...i was able to find that .......thanks nyways ..................i just have certain questions regarding pov making 

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lemonie (author)dark_angel0002010-05-05

Can you point to one of the Instructables and say something like "I don't get what they're doing in Step-" or "I want it like (this) but with (something different)"?


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mahsa arian (author)2012-11-12

its not difficult
i know its too late, but
i can teach you how make a simple pov display.
at first we need some things
1- atmega8 micro controller (SMD)
2- 8 led (3mm)
3- 8 resistor ===> (( each led need 20ma and 2.5V. and output of pin of micro controller is 5 volt, so 5-2.5=2.5V and 2.5V / 20ma = 125 ohm. you can use 100 or 150 ohm for this... )) anyway
4- gearbox motor with 400 to 700 RPM
5- 9volt battery
6- 12 volt for your motor if its 12V !
7- pin header for programing

when some one provide this things, i continue :-)

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