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how to make pov rotating display? Answered



 hey lemonie ...i was able to find that .......thanks nyways ..................i just have certain questions regarding pov making 

Can you point to one of the Instructables and say something like "I don't get what they're doing in Step-" or "I want it like (this) but with (something different)"?


its not difficult
i know its too late, but
i can teach you how make a simple pov display.
at first we need some things
1- atmega8 micro controller (SMD)
2- 8 led (3mm)
3- 8 resistor ===> (( each led need 20ma and 2.5V. and output of pin of micro controller is 5 volt, so 5-2.5=2.5V and 2.5V / 20ma = 125 ohm. you can use 100 or 150 ohm for this... )) anyway
4- gearbox motor with 400 to 700 RPM
5- 9volt battery
6- 12 volt for your motor if its 12V !
7- pin header for programing

when some one provide this things, i continue :-)