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how to make sodium metal from sodium acetate? Answered

electrolysis of sodium hydroxide to make sodium
video showing sodium being made
a diagram of how it works

heared some where that sodium acetate molten (with no water) produces sodium metal, carbon dioxide and ethane <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethane#Chemistry>

Sodium Acetate
<baking soda and vinagar>
 Melting point 324 °C, 615.2 °F (anhydrous)<(no water)>
 58 °C (trihydrate) still has water
baking soda and vinagar

Sodium Hydroxide
Melting point 318 °C, 591 K, 604 °F

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Re-design (author)2010-05-24

I don't think you can.

I can make it out of powered magnesium (IIRC).

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