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how to make solar diy cell? Answered

how to make siliconcell solar power?


this goes to a page with nothing but a llink to a page with nothing but a link to a page that is a scam to charge money for NOTHING

It works for me on three different computers on three different isp's. Don't know why it doesn't work for you.

Nope, not true. It goes to the full text of the article cited by Re-design.

The traditional silicon-based solar cells are effectively impossible for DIY manufacture.

However, organic solar cells seem to be quite feasible for the home Maker.

as they say in the mob, Fuhgitaboudit. Get a BS in Physics, minor in Chem Engr. Then get your master's and PhD in Solid State Physics. Then get a job in the research department of a major semiconductor producer. In your off time, spend long hours making your own cells using their equipment (but if you do anything cool, expect that they will own the idea).

...then buy some silicon sand, melt it at around 1400 C, purify the silicon until it reaches 99.999999999999% pure silicon, (probably missed some 9s off) Remelt ? Hold your pure silicon liquid for several weeks while pulling a perfect crystal from the melt. Slice the resulting 12 " boule into <<1mm slices. And that's the EASY bit !