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how to make wine? Answered

I want to know how to make home made wine: any kind.





Jack Kellar's website is filled with resources on getting started from scratch or using pre-processed components.

Homebrewtalk is also filled with lots of good stuff and is a very nice and receptive atmosphere.

Have you checked the Instructables already posted on this topic? Back in the days of the Whole Earth Catalog, someone pointed out that you can produce your basic sweet plonk almost trivially: Take clean wine bottle. Fill with a high-sugar juice (you may want to add more sugar). Add yeast (yes, bread yeast will work, it just isn't as good). Stretch the neck of a balloon over the top of the bottle and leave it in a warm-but-not-hot place for a while. The balloon will inflate (as the yeasts multiply and produce CO2), then deflate (when they run out of sugar to eat and die off). You now have a bottle full of either wine or vinegar. Heck, fruit juice used to ferment in my fridge, if I left it long enough -- I had a commercial bakery just around the corner, so there were always some number of yeastie beasties settling out of the air. Sparkling and lightly alcoholic orange juice is sorta amusing.

By far the best starting point is a wine kit as said. This gets you basic equipment and a good chance of some success. To go further you need to research what makes wine taste as it does. Learn to analyse your fav wines and pick out what they taste of this way you can then try to replicated that taste. For white wines the base is often Gooseberry which is then flavoured with products such as tannin - Citric acid - Sugar to resemble your target wine type. For red wines blackberry or black current may be a starting point. Many home made wines taste just that - Homes made HOWEVER it is possible with some effort and trial to make an equivalent of commercial wines at a fraction of the shop costs.

Visit the winemaking store and buy or rent the equipment and choose a wine kit. They'll be happy to help you select the right gear for your habits, be it a plastic bucket, a classic glass jug, or a huge stainless steel contraption. You can wait to buy the bottles until a day or two before the end, Follow the instructions on the package or select a book on the subject. It's very easy, and mostly just involves mixing, waiting, and transferring to other containers.