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how to make your door close remotely? Answered



Bedroom door, front door, garage door, trapdoor, barn door, pet door, sliding glass door, pocket door, cellar door, French door, blast door, revolving door, or Jim Morrison and The Doors?

And what do you mean by "remotely"? You can close a door remotely by chucking a brick at it, but I doubt that's what you had in mind.

I suggest a brick-throwing apparatus controlled by an Arduino.

Darn, I forgot the Arduino. If you use the string idea, the arduino would make a great handle.

I think we're overcomplicating this design. The apparatus should just chuck the Arduino at the door. In order to overcome the door's inertia, the Arduino should be travelling at somewhere around 2000 fps. We can use K'nex for the device framework and a string as the trigger.

That's fine, as long as it tweets the result in real time.

Sure, as long as you can get Giannyl to be the ible host for the vid ;-) In fact, I'll give you two.

If its HELD open, and can be sprung shut, an electromagnet will do it. If, on the other hand you need to open and close it, then you need motors etc.

Or long pieces of string.


That's the usual professional solution. Install a hydraulic door closer, then install a latch or magnet which holds it open until released. Motors are uncommon unless the door has to be motorized anyway for automatic opening... and even then, it's not uncommon to just have the motor open the door and let the closer handle the other half of the task when power is removed from the motor.

I like the string idea.
Reminds me of the time in early 1999 when the U.S. government's Medicare Systems Y2K Task Force was asking all of their contractors for suggestions about how to set up an alternate nationwide communications plan, if Y2K caused regular telecom systems to break down. My suggestion was "A bunch of empty soup cans and several thousand miles of string".

They were not amused.

In addition to a bunch of fairly legimate system checkout activities for the night of Y2K, I was also assigned the duty of verifying that the water supply to our building still worked after midnight (I suppose someone thought that gravity might stop working due to computer error). I tested this by flushing all of the toilets in the building at the same time. My report back to the Y2K Command Center stated: "The water supply itself seems to be functioning properly, but for some reason, post-midnight all of the toilets now drain counterclockwise. I suspect a paradigm shift in the nature of the universe has occurred, which we may never fully comprehend."

Somehow, I managed to keep my job.

When the hydraulic rams aren't working properly, I can always fall back on my staff of trained monkeys. Amazing what they'll do for a bunch of bananas and an empty promise these days