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how to make your own diesel engine? Answered

 i want to know how do we construct a diesel engine and what is its working



well for this...
u need a lathe m/c
a little knowledge of iron and it's alloys
working of a diesel engine
techniques of production
workshop methods
then a expert help
n ur done

Do you mean  a model and real size?

Your going to need a lathe, Milling machine, a pile of stock metal and some considerable skill to start with.

If you have these come back and ask further.

yes i have these now? what would be the procedure to make the diesel engine.
p . s . give the full details this time so i don't have to ask u again and again?

hello, you may not want to hear this, but your request sounds a bit unreasonable for this type of forum. its like asking for instructions on how to do a root canal! you really should be asking on where to start on auto forum where people rebuild or recast auto parts. you can also go to MIT open courseware, they may have a class on automotive engines.

A real one would be an.....interesting project....Though Diesel's original models might make a good place to start experimenting.


Have you got access to metal-working machines and can you get metal-castings made to order?


Yes it can be done.  But you need to know what a diesel is and how it works.

I've done the search for you and all you have to do now is read up on a bunch of this stuff and start designing.