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how to power my hobbie motor? Answered

i bought a motor from radioshack ( Catalog #: 273-256 ) it runs off 3 differant voltages 9,12,and 18 volts at 380,400, and 430mA resectively.
  • No load: 9VDC 380mA current max., 11000± 15% speed, 150g.cm min. torque
  • No load: 12VDC 400mA current max., 15200± 15% speed, 190g.cm min. torqu
  • No load: 18VDC 430mA current max., 24000± 15% speed, 290g.cm min. torque

i need the torque of 18v at 430mA but im not sure how to power this without a whole lot of work, i need a way of simply hooking up a few wires and maybe solder them together.


At 18V, and 430mA, the motor isn't turning, just providing a torque of 290 gm cm

You need a source of 18 volts that can supply at least 430mA.

You may be able to find a wall wart to supply this, or even 12 C or D cell batteries wired in series will easily supply 430mA and then some.

To be really honest I am not sure what his problem is. Motor + PSU of some kind works!

Hopefully one would think he won't stall it too often or it isn't much use to him.