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how to prepare carrot juicei can stabilize its ? Answered

how i can prepare carrot juice and and how can i stabilized the juice pulp for storage for the longer time.



You can significantly increase the shelf life of carrot juice by thoroughly washing and peeling the carrots first. Lowering the pH with citric acid will also suppress bacterial growth. (Citric acid is also good for the washing step. My local health food store has it for around $1.50/lb, much cheaper than equivalent amount lemon juice.)

As for keeping the pulp suspended, corn starch might help. Try using a tablespoon of corn starch for each cup of finished juice. Put the starch in a container and add just barely enough cold juice to dissolve it. Once dissolved, add a bit more juice. Heat this mixture, stirring quickly, until it reaches a gluey texture. (Boiling is fine, provided it doesn't boil for long.) Don't let it form lumps, as you can't get rid of them. Remove it from the heat and gradually stir in the rest of the juice until you get the desired thickness. (You can make pudding by using a quarter cup of sugar, some spices, and twice as much cornstarch.)

a commercial juicer is a good bet - they basically pulverize the food, then strain with centrifugal force. Putting carrots in a blender until mashed, then filtering with the likes of a coffee filter would work. Carrot juice (or any with pulp) will need a good shaking before each use. I cant think of any natural emulsifiers which don't change the taste/nutrition. Serving it with apple juice is a good bet, because you don't get a lot of juice from carrots, but you do get a lot of nutrients.