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how to put a circuit board to gether? Answered

I want to learn how to make a simlpe circuit board ?

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orksecurity (author)2009-10-30

You may also want to look at wire-wrap construction. I've often recommended wire-wrap for beginners, to avoid the risk of accidentally cooking a chip while soldering. (Another approach for achieving that: Use sockets and solder to those, then plug in the chips later.)

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bassbindevil (author)2009-10-29

A couple of other techniques for making one-off PC boards.  There's rub-down transfers in the shape of IC pins, individual pads for components, and straight and curved traces.  Radio Shack used to sell them.  This can result in a very neat-looking board.

A low-tech way is to cover the copper with packing tape.  Draw the component locations and traces on it, then use a sharp knife to cut out between where the traces and pads go.   This isn't great for boards that use ICs, but if there's just a few passive components and you need very big traces, it's great.  You'll see some older (pre computer CAD) boards that have obviously been laid out using a similar technique.

With both these techniques, it's often easiest (and best) to drill the holes first, since that shows you where the pads have to go.  Tape a copy of the layout on the board and drill through it.  This requires a high-speed drill like a Dremel, preferably a drill press to hold it perpendicular, and fine drill bits.  #68 is a common size.   Carbide bits hold their edge longest, but they are very expensive unless you get them surplus, and are extremely brittle.  You must use a drill press with them.  With high-speed-steel (HSS) bits, it'll help to learn how to sharpen them when they get dull.  A ceramic IC package works as a mini sharpening stone.

There's lots of guides on the 'net to making boards, and you may find books in a public or school library.  The ARRL Handbook should have a section on pc board fabrication.

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framistan (author)2009-10-29

The simplest circuit board would be to use a piece of WOOD.  Just draw your schematic diagram on the wood.  Hammer small nails into the spots in the diagram at the junction points.  Now run your components just like the diagram and solder the components to the nails. Another method is called the DEAD-BUG method.  You glue your components to a piece of wood or cardboard or plastic with their terminals pointing UP.  So-named because the components look like dead insects with their legs sticking up.  Just follow the schematic and solder all the components according to the diagram.  My favorite method is to use a piece of circuit board that is NOT ETCHED. it is just copper on one side and regular pc board on the other. I use the copper as GROUND. Solder all components that are GROUNDED to the copper. then run all other wires per the schematic.  You asked for a SIMPLE circuit board method.  If you want to ETCH the board and make it look professional.... well... that isnt  SIMPLE ( if you use photographic methods). But...  It is possible to etch the board using ETCHING solution and HAND DRAW your circuit paths using womens finger-nail polish.  Just paint all the circuit paths using fingernail polish. Then soak the pc board in the etching chemical. The etching chemical will NOT eat the pc board whereever you painted it.  When finished etching, just use fingernail polish REMOVER to remove the fingernail polish.     Be sure to SAND THE BOARD FIRST with fine-grit sandpaper BEFORE painting your circuit paths. There you go.  Thats FOUR methods of making a simple circuit board. Hope that helps you. By the way, dont use your wifes favorite color to paint the pc board. 

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