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how to remove screen printed logo from a velvet jewel box's outer surface? Answered

need hands on for removing the screen printed logo from a jewel box, the surface is velvet.

hardly waiting.



5 years ago

If its the typical jewelry store jewel box, the logo is probably either paint or dye stamped onto the synthetic fibers, usually with heat and/or enough pressure to permanently emboss it into the fibers.
Your best bet is going to be to try and cover the logo. Maybe make your own logo and glue it over the top of the existing one.

dear Burf,
its not what u said,
this is just a screen printing.i want to remove that, and to screen print own logo.

i am finding a way to remove the printed paint.

It might/will be difficult.
Anything I can think of like scraping will perhaps damage the surface.

Real velvet is natural fibre, printing is synthetic.
I'd try wetting a cloth with paint-stripper and resting the logo (face down on it) for an hour. Then see if you can rub off the print with a dry cloth.


A picture might help to see how its been done.