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how to repair my laptop without buy a new motherboard? Answered

i have made a pcie mini card to pcie x1, i plugged PCI (NOT PCIe) an my laptop could turned on but no display. and i was try to connect to external monitor, it doesn't show anything.
my laptop is acer aspire 4540 amd turion II x2 m520, 
Motherboard LA-5521P.


I would try Ebay. (You can get an adult to use their account and pay them for your item.)

Just be sure to ask questions to make sure the laptop powers on and all that.

I bought a laptop that had a broken screen that was the same model as my old laptop for about $50. Then I switched the motherboards and it worked just fine!

Nowaday laptop motherboards have everything integrated. Unles you have a deep understanding of electronics, replacing the motherboard is still the best advice.

i don't have much money, only have about Rp1200000 (about $120).
and i still 15 years old.

thanks for your reply

i need about $230 (about Rp2200000) to buy a motherboard, that's not cheap.
i only have about Rp1100000 (about $110).
so maybe replacing the part(s) take more cheap.


7 years ago

I'm not certain I follow what it is you have done but I gather you have modded a PCI Express card and somehow plugged it into a PCI slot. Is this right?
In any case, if you haven't done so, undo whatever it is that you have done and then see if that restores your laptop. If it doesn't, then you will have to troubleshoot your system to try and determine if you have damaged the hardware, corrupted the software or both.
The information you have given so far isn't enough to make even an educated guess.
Just a tip, but if you don't know the difference between a PCI slot and a PCI Express slot, its probably not a good idea to mess with whatever it is you were trying to do.

thanks for your reply

PCIe x1 to PCIe mini card.
but i was test the connector using PCI device
PCI device > PCIe mini card.
and the result, i got black screen.

yes i have broken my laptop

Your question suggests that vou've broken it, but have you?
What were you following where you hoped to successfully run PCI through a PCIE-PCIE device?


thank for fast reply

before my laptop broken. I've made a pcie mini to pcie x1 converter for DIY VDock, and i was test it using PCI to USB (Not pcie to usb) (just like this http://us.startech.com/product/PCI420USB-5-Port-USB-20-PCI-Card), i think PCI same as PCI Express, so i was test the converter using PCI device, after my laptop couldn't work, i just know that PCI are different with PCIe