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how to repair porcelain? Answered

I have a porcelain bowl which has a crack.  How do I repair it?

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Prfesser (author)2011-12-16

As rickharris and canucksgirl said regarding a valuable piece.

Home supply stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) usually carry an epoxy "paint" for re-coating sinks, tubs, and other home ceramics. It's very effective, though it's only available in white (and probably not quite the shade of white of your bowl/tub/ sink...) It's not for repair, it's for covering up after the repair... ;-)

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rickharris (author)2011-12-14

If it may be valuable get it done professionally or you might effect the value adversely.

If it's just sentimental or ordinary then use epoxy glue.,

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canucksgirl (author)rickharris2011-12-14


I agree with rickharris, if the item is valuable. I have done similar repairs to non-valuables by simply filling in the crack with crazy glue. The stuff has the tendency to suck into the crack and make it a little stronger.

If its in fact in pieces, versus a crack, you'll want to use the epoxy. Just go with one that does not set up quickly, otherwise it may dry before you have it properly in place.

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