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how to replace or repair residential electric service box? Answered


Many communities regulations  REQUIRE use of an electrician install

Note too that, as with meters (and for the same reasons) these things may be equipped with tamper-detecting hardware....


8 years ago

I'm siding with everyone else here.  While it's safe enough to add a breaker yourself, replacing the whole box is a task best left for a pro.

I agree with everyone else. It is not a job for an inexperience person. Some building codes require that a licensed electrician replace electrical breaker boxes. I do not recommend that you perform this job yourself.

What's wrong with it? These aren't usually devices that need repairing or replacing.
To do so you would probably need the power provider to isolate the supply and a qualified electrician to do the job before the provider re-connected.
You can work with these things live, but as other comments - you'd not have asked the question if you could DIY.


Call your local utility and/or a licensed electrician. This is not something to tackle as a DIY project, unless you're trying for a Darwin Award.

.   Yep. Even if you don't electrocute yourself, you have a very good chance of creating a fire hazard and/or shock hazard.
.  As ZEROGX says, if you have to ask (such a general question), you don't need to be messing with it.


8 years ago

 I would agree. if you have to ask instructables how to do it, then you are not qualified to be messing with the system.