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how to revive old wood? Answered

i want to use old planks that have been exposed to the weather for +20 years. the wood has no paint and no lacquer. i tried to step on 0,5 inch plank but it crushed like a toothpick. i am quite sure the wood isn't hardwood so it is even more fragile after so many years.

should i revive it or forget about it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's no good structurally or probably aesthetically. Other comment(s) suggest something of a "rescue" but the wood isn't good (anymore).


Get a can of "wood hardener" in the paint section of home depot or loews or the local hardeware store.  Follow the directions.  It won't work a miracle but if you want to use the wood decoratively like RMS mentioned it would work for that.

Sounds like a bad case of dry rot. Unless you're using them for purely decorative, non-load-bearing purposes, forget it.
If they are to be purely decorative, you may be able to strengthen them a bit with polyurethane, but even then they won't take much abuse.