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how to solder the power fuse in psp? Answered

my PSP Lite will no long turn on ... battery works in differnet PSP lite and charges, was told that the power fuse will burn out but that it could be soldered .... could u plz show how to take apart and solder



You should find out why the fuse burned and then replace it. Fuses are there for a purpose, if they do that job the should not be bypassed. (This is like a smoke-alarm going off and a person takes the battery out before going back to what they were doing...)


You know i thought of that after  i posted. The fuse burned out because i plugged it into a 9v charger ... look identical except for the power output ... i am attempting to remove the fuse. I guess we will see how it goes lol

Ah right. You'd hope that the fuse sacrificed it's self to save the PSP, and replacing it is all you need to do.


Google is your friend, "Links".  I used "disassemble psp lite".

Ty never thought there would be so much info on youtube. thought it was just for looking at people doing stupid things. lol thx again

It's just like the rest of the internet.  There are LOTS of great info vid's. there.  I like the supid people ones also.