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how to trace ip ground visual location? Answered

I want to trace ip of one email address. but i done now i want to know the visual mean ground location of the ip. how i can know plz help me



As Frollard says below, you have to assume the IP isn't spoofed, or all bets are off. Otherwise, you can use |nslookup| to translate the numerical IP to a hostname, then use |whois| to get the location of the domain. That's the best you're going to get. Commercial ISPs generally assign IP addresses to their customers dynamically. At home, for example, my AT&T; service sometimes shows me in Davis, Woodland, Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, or anywhere else in the region. It doesn't matter where my actual home is located.

You can get an idea of where the Internet Service Provider is - but if any of the meta information has been spoofed, you're out of luck for a location. Email can be accessed from anywhere, thus can be send on one account from anywhere. What you can look for is the 'originator IP' in the full diagnostic meta tags. This can be accessed in the view menu of outlook/ole. Then use a program like VisualRoute to find the city where it came from. You'll be lucky to get city-level resolution.