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how to transfer music from one ipod to another? Answered

i have an ipod with good music and its headphone jack is loose so i took my sisters ipod and i want the other music now so how can i do tht?

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frollard (author)2012-10-18

The second ipod must be associated with the itunes account that the original ipod was on for copyright purposes; you can't just share music between pods.

When you plug in the 2nd ipod it will ask if you want to associate it with the account, and this action will DELETE EVERYTHING ON THE SECOND IPOD in order to sync the original account.

You can have x number of devices attached to your own ipod account (I think 5)...

If you don't want to go the legit 'apple' method of having the music in the second associated library, then you need to extract the music from itunes, and put it on your sisters itunes, then sync your music to her pod.

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Siddharth Jain (author)2012-10-18

May be this can help you out... :D

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