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how to troubleshoot a 2001 toyota sienna passanger seat belt? Answered

the front passanger side seat belt will not extract, come out.  Once in awhile it will work in my 2001 Toyota Sienna


Replace it!  Don't try to fix it.  If it's jammed then its BROKEN.  Even if you can fix it how do you know it will work if needed?

Replace it.  Even if you replace it with a unit from the junk yard.

Think about it, the law suit you save might be your own.

I have to agree with Re-design.

A seat-belt has become as mundane as a sunvisor but, if you've never been in an accident, it's a lot more important than you realise.

Be wise, replacerize.

That's pretty much exactly what I was going to say. A replacement will cost a few bucks, but isn't your passenger's life worth a few bucks?

Is it locked or jammed? You'd probably have to take the interior trim off and maybe the whole unit. People can't offer much advice until you can see what the problem is.