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how to turn purple gold powder into yellow gold one and please mention the names of acid to use in the process? Answered

i'd like to know how to turn purple gold powder into real yellow gold. i 'd like to get the names of acid that is needed to use in the process.


Not sure what kind of powder your talking about so i googled purple gold powder and found this article. Maybe that will help.


If that's not what your talking about then please try to clarify what your looking for. Are you talking about real gold that is purple and you want to turn it back into yellow gold?

i mean, i have got raw purple gold powder from the ore stone, and then i would like to turn it into gold. so i don't know which acid do i use to make the final state to be gold.

Sorry for my English... I think your gold powder is lost. tin chemically connected to gold going purple. they use it to do porcelaine, when heated its going red.

Look for stannous chloride solution maybe it will help you.

The tricky part to this question is figuring the composition of this "purple gold" powder that most people have never heard of.  I honestly don't know what you're talking about either, but what follows is my best guess:

This page,
selling something called "Accent Purple GoldTM (APG)" described as "a solid 18K intermetallic compound comprised of pure 24K gold combined with other metals"

That description is similar to something called "purple plague",
"a brittle, bright-purple compound, AuAl2, or about 79%Au-21%Al by mass. AuAl2 is the most stable thermally of the Au-Al intermetallic compounds, with a melting point of 1060°C"

Notice the karat rating of pure purple plague should be 24*0.79=18.96, and that number is kinda close to that other quote.

As to the question of question of how do you purify it (asuming this AuAl2 stuff really is what you've got) I think that falls under the topic of "Gold Parting", and there's a Wikipedia article for that:
and that article links to this one,
and I think the trick to that is disolving your alloy in aqua regia,
to make a mixture containing chloroauric acid,
then using an electrolyis setup
 to reduce the gold ions in solution to gold by, you know, plating them onto something, like a gold sheet or gold wire.

Hope this helps.

Did someone sell you this "purple gold powder" on a promise that you could turn it into real-gold?
And were they also offering "magic-beans"?


Not sure what ore you have all these pictures show gold as gold.


Gold is not very reactive and is found as dust or nuggets not as an ore AFAIK.