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how to use 6V 1.3A battery with my arduino mega? Answered

i am making a line follower robot.i am using my 6V battery for my motors which can provide 1.3 A current...i have to use another battery which can provide less current for my arduino.some people told me that if I connect my arduino with that 6V 1.3A battery it will damage my arduino.is there any way to use that battery with my arduino?


AAnother option is to find buck converter modules on eBay/Spakfun/Adafruit. Already made, most of them adjustable, easy to drop in a bigger project andif adjustable, can be adapted to different batteries, should you change you mind.

Use a LM2941 very low dropout linear regulator or similar. It will create a very steady 5v from your battery, dropping usually 0.5v in the process. If it is well built, you can feed the violtage in the 5v pin of your mega, safely bypassing the internal regulator (which is, BTW, not recommended by Arduino, but nevertheless a viable option).

You can find a lot of instructibles on how to build a linear regulator, so I won't go into details. The other option is to built a buck converter. More efficient, more complicated.

Hope that helped!

Can't connect it directly to the 5V in pin and it won't work through the power connection as the 5V regulator on there needs at least 7.5V in to give a good 5V to the board. While the arduino may be OK with 6V it's best not to push things. You'll want to use a diode like a 1n4004 which will basically eat 1V from the battery so you have 5V going directly into the 5V in pin. Be smart to test the output before attaching it to the arduino.

One thing to note. Your battery may or may not be able to provide 1.3A but typically they don't have that written on the battery. What you will find is a 1.3Ah rating. This is the approximate amperage the battery can provide continuously for about 20 hours before going dead. Also understand that the battery doesn't push current to a device. The device pulls the current from the battery. So if the device pulls 1.3A then the battery will last about 20 hours. If it pulls more than that the battery run time will be reduced.