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how to use solenoid with Capacitor Discharge Technology? Answered

hello guys,
i am on a project for a pcp air gun, i want to replace the hammer that open the air valve with electronic trigger, a solenoid to strike the valve open, the travel of the valve is maximum 3mm, a weight will be added to the solenoid to help with kinetic energy.

the idea is to use capacitor discharge to activate the solenoid for a fraction of a second (to fire a burst of air propelling the pellet out of barrel)

i have seen some electronic triggers using 67v 2200uf capacitor, just to give you an idea.

now i want to control the solenoid force and duration.

can i do that with arduino? sure i need an external circuit to power the solenoid, maybe like the disposal camera flash??

Please advise.

thank you


about 100 lbs of force, i know the flash might work but i need to control the timing and power of the solenoid, when i press the trigger i need the solenoid to be active for 1.5ms and be able to control that time for less or more, can i control the amount of charge the capacitor get before i decide to discharge? that might control power!

thank you

What is about your project?


2 years ago

you mean like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwfOdAdvY3w

this is a picture of an e trigger system mounted to the air gun, the solenoid use an attached weight to increase the kinetic energy,

i don't know the solenoid used so i am open for suggestions.

the basic idea is having a solenoid rated at 24v and fired at 60v for milliseconds to have more power, i need a design where i can control the time of capacitor discharge to the solenoid and maybe the charge of the capacitor.

i know it's easy to do it with/without arduino although this will be my first project and i need some guidance and advice from you guys.


What kind of pressure do you need for the air valve?

The camera flash might do it by its self.