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how use car alternator wind generator circuit please? Answered

can i make wind mill  at my home use car alternator how given conection for low speed wind
what type of conversation in alternator give me deatials
with out battery how drawn power from alternator contuiosly direct to 12 v  fan motor  or 12v bulb



There are some wind power instructables on this site.... but if you go to an austrailian wind-power site called fieldlines.com, they have all the answers you are looking for.

Fieldlines.com is a Colorado based site, not Australian. I know the owners quite well. My wind turbine is based on the same model as theirs.

Search 'wind turbine' here on instructables. There are LOTS.

Basically, you need a multiplier to get the alternator spinning fast enough, wind turbines don't spin quickly enough for car alternators.

The multiplier can be pulleys or gears.

You can only draw 12V power while the wind is blowing fast enough to produce more than 12V (which can be regulated down to a stable 12V). Batteries are used so your device doesn't lose power every time the wind momentarily dips below that strength, and of course so you can run the device when there is no wind.