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how would a Tesla turbine act if it was able to receive regular wind? Answered

 well i'm trying to build a small turbine so that i can make a dc voltage that i could then use for whatever my mind thinks up next. what i want to know is if the tesla turbine is more effecient in regular sporadic wind than more conventional wind turbines.

the thought is i would take one of those spinning turbines you see on roofs and mount it stationary so that wind from any direction would make a sort of cyclone type deal, then by putting the discs in, cut to size, so that it forms a ball in the middle and put a shaft in it. some vent holes on top and i'm thinking that i could then stick it where those vent fans are supposed to be for easy mounting.

thoughts? science? help?



Best Answer 8 years ago

A tesla turbine works mostly on a high pressure differential between input and output - hence it works really well with air compressors.

Wind wouldn't be strong enough to generate enough foofoo dust to get it going properly, add in the law of diminishing returns as you size it up, and you've got yourself a dud :(

BUT!  don't let me discourage you!  Prove me wrong!

 well i had a different thought, to just use the drum on a barn fan instead as the outer casing, that way everything would be uniform. thou8gh i do see where your coming from, still i think i am going to try it at the very least just on a small scale.

You CAN scale the design up - it just needs thin smooth plates, channels through the center, and an outer casing - just it works less effectively with larger designs.


8 years ago

Here"s a freshly patented Tesla Style wind turbine. Note the winglets between the disks that produce torque. The housing is similar to what you might see for a centrifugal pump. That should give you some ideas>


8 years ago

Wind is low pressure, large volume.  A Tesla Turbine requires the exact opposite. 

If you're not interested in building a big windmill, maybe you could build a windbelt instead.