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how would i make a computer's internal speaker portable? Answered

ive seen a ton of ibles on how to make a portable speaker out of desktop speakers, but ive never seen how to do that with the ones inside the computer.
i want to make a speaker/amp out of the speaker inside my computer, but how would i power it? would you use the ribbon-cables?
a little help please.



The internal speaker is, in most cases, driven directly by the soundcard without a separate amplifier circuit. There really isn't a lot there that would be worth trying to extract and use given how cheap small speakers are.

I have 2 .5W 8ohm speakers from different computers. No telling what the sound quality or range is (i havnt tested them), but the cone is made of paper. An easy one would probably be a LM386 amp or similar. I did take one computer apart and it had a rather custom looking speaker chamber in it :)

Some of them, especially the laptops, do make an effort to get tolerable sound quality out of inadequate speakers. The availability of rare-earth magnets has helped a lot in that regard.

But if you want to take advantage of that, you'd probably want to keep the speakers in the laptop case. In which ... uhm ... case, getting the laptop running and having it connect its line input to the speaker amp would be simplest. If it only has a microphone input, attenuators are available to bring line level signals down to mic level.

what ive got looks like the picture.
its got a regular audio jack and its got the same kinda thing in the back as a harddrive. btw srry for the crappy pic (a minute in paint...)


does this perchance use a 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch bay on your computer (where a cd or floppy drive would usually be connected to?)

if it does, you could probably just take it out of the computer, hook up a 12v supply to the correct pins (on the back it looks like) and use the audio jack to connect to a music device.

oh and BTW, its a pretty nice paint job, better than what i could have done in the time given :)

how many rings does the audio jack have? if it has 3 sections its most likely a stereo input, if it has 4 it probably carries a mic line too.

real pictures would be nice (maybe just one on the front and back) and then i might be able to help more.. its up to you though :)

yup, its like a floppy drive (in the front).
i can never figure out how to get/make the correct power supply... DX
it has 3 rings (like headphones).
thanks! i can't find my camera atm...

k i think ill be able to give enough info w/ out pics

im assuming the connector on the back is a rectangular one with 2 tilted sides

if the connector that plugged into it was like that, and had one red, one yellow and 2 black wires it should work ( if the connector was a small white plug w/out tilted sides, it might be running off 5v [i think floppy runs off 5v, im not sure], do not proceed further)

1. Find a 12v power supply. 8 AA batteries in series should work

2. Find out on the back of the speaker what should be connected to what. if you still have the original connector that connected it to the pc, connect where the yellow wire would plug in to positive, and the pin next to it to ground. if you dont have the connecter, make sure the tilted part on the connecter is facing up, the positive lead should be connected to the far right side, and ground to the pin next to that. it might or might not power up (because its just power, and thats at least how my computer fan was set up)

Good luck!

i found mah camera, so here's some pics of it.

i was a bit confused about how to power it because it had a 12v in and a 5v in...
if you could help explain that...


if you can't read the words on the back,it says 12v, grnd, grnd, 5v. then there's the audio in.