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hwo do you make a bamboo raft Answered

does anyone know??


How safe is this idea? I it relativly, I'll give it a try.

I built a small wooden raft to paddle around my pond with years ago. It worked great until I went too far to one side. I think safe really depends on how safe you are, and what type of water you are in.

Bamboo floats better than wood because of the air pockets in it.. It's just a matter of securing them together.. Should be safe..

. As long as you maintain positive buoyancy, it's pretty safe. The bigger the platform the more stable it will be.

I think it would help if you let us know the length, approximate thickness and quantity of bamboo you had available.

There was an episode of man vs. wild where he built a raft from bamboo. He used about 20 or so full grow trees for his raft, and cut them by punching a few holes at the base of the tree to let the steam out and keep it from exploding, and starting a fire where you drilled the holes.This was also a survival situation so if I where you I would just use a saw. Then he tied all of the trees together in an over under pattern, and tying two bamboo trees across the rafts front and the back. Another interesting thing he said on the show was that if you cut into the rings of the bamboo with a knife you can get water.

Depends on what your supply of bamboo looks like. Emperor (?) bamboo is up to 6 inches in diameter-use it like wood logs and tie them together (with cross bracing so it doesn't roll up on you). For smaller species (or pieces) you are going to have to bundle the pieces together (like Kon Tiki ?) and use the bundles as pontoons or logs. Look up lashing knots for the mechanics of tying them together.