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hydren ? Answered

hey guys i know i spelled hydregien wrong but i need blue prints for a hydregin fuel cell that i can make to power my workshop 


No hydrogen fuel cell made at home would be powerful enough to power a workshop or even run a lamp. For one thing, you would need platinum, which is about 1000 an ounce, and you would need an efficient way to make the hydrogen give out enough energy to power anything.

I was also thinking about fuel cells, I was working on an rc hydrogen powered fuel cell but the output was way to low for an rc car. It would be better to use solar panels for your use, or just use an outlet.

jack what about http://www.fuellesspower.com/water2.htm

I am not impressed by that link.  Moreover I get the impression that you are not very knowledgeable about hydrogen, or fuel cells.  I think if  you were, you wouldn't be impressed by that link either. 

"Fuel From Water Plans Part 1"  appears to be plans for an electrolyzer, a device that uses electricity to break apart water into hydrogen and oxygen, and there are plenty of 'ibles that explain how to do this for free, here:

Also worth mentioning:  that device is not a fuel cell, at least not in the sense that the word "fuel cell" is usually used.  A fuel cell is a device that makes electricity, taking hydrogen and oxygen as its input.

Also worth mentioning is that hydrogen is not "free energy".  There's no way (that I know of) to turn a glass of water into hydrogen and oxygen without doing work, without putting energy into it somehow; i.e. physical work is required to pull apart those water molecules, and the energy to accomplish that work has to come from somewhere.  You just can't do an end run around thermodynamics.

Rather hydrogen is a means for storing energy chemically.  Of course, so are rechargeable batteries.  They're chemical energy storage too.  It maybe makes you wonder what's so special about hydrogen?  And the answer to that is that hydrogen is a simple chemical.  There are a bunch of different ways to make it. (Electrolysis of water is just one method.)   And there are a bunch of different ways to use it.  You can pipe it into a fuel cell to make electricity,  or you can burn it in an interal combustion engine, or you fuel a welding torch with it,  boil water, cook hot dogs, etc.    

Of course this whole "hydrogen economy",
everyone using hydrogen as an energy commodity, it hasn't really caught on yet.  And I suspect the main reason for that is because hydrogen is difficult to physically store.  It kinda makes you wonder if they picked the right fuel to base an energy infrastructure on, and that maybe it work better with a different kind of chemical fuel, like zinc, for example.

I am seriously curious - As an engineer (my excuse) my spelling has always been weak. I know its wrong bit often am unable to see why


I use a spell checker all the time. Built into Firefox this underlines and corrects almost any incorrect word (oddly it doesn't understand Firefox)

Why doesn't everyone?

I can't write without it. My daughter who is one of those people who can spot a misspelled word just from a glance is amazed that I sometimes manage to defeat the spell checkers. But as I explained to her sometimes the choices that the checker offers are not the right words. In other words I am so far off that it cannot figure out what I am intending. The bigger problem is often with things like week and weak, to too two, buy and by and bye.
I suppose its ironic that the reason I bought my first word processor was for the spell checker. It ran CPM Plus because DOS was just in its infancy. Just think I could have bought Microsoft stock for next to nothing.
Fact is some people are just to lazy to bother. I think that has come about in large part from Txting where they don't really care about spelling and abbreviate everything.

i dont text however i do have issues taking care of evrything while doing this

ok can we stop about my spelling and get plans for the qusteien sorry just want to make one


Might help you - r follow Jacks link

If you know you spelled it wrong, would that not be the first place to start searching for the answer...by searching?

i searched and i had a cat i had to take care of at the moment

Then perhaps delaying the search might help...?

At least he has his priorities in order.

If it isn't important enough for you to do a bit of research... why is it important enough for anyone else to do the research for you?

Websearch "Hydrogen fuel cell."

I'm not convinced it can be done as a DIY project without a fair amount of expertise. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong, but I also wouldn't want to live next to the guy trying to homebrew one.