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hydrogen peroxide Answered

i am wanting to make some sulphuric acid because it is on of the most useful acids around and i have ran into a problem. after you burn sulphur to create sulphur dioxide you then need a catalyst to form sulphur trioxide and then dissolve in water. which catalysts could be used and could you just let the sulphur dioxide dissolve in hydrogen peroxide (so2-----so3------h20--------h2so4 or
so2 ------ h202---------h2so4).

if this would work how could you get a large enough concentration of hydrogen peroxide?


that sounds more my style but back to the topic would my idea work because i think hydrogen peroxide is a lot easier and cheaper to get than a platinum or vanadium catalyst.

The "easy to get" hydrogen peroxide is only a 3% mixture... I've got sulphuric acid strong enough to suck the water from sugar (carbon snake experiment) from the local HW store, sold as a "drain cleaner."

At one time, it was availible from the local AutoParts place for use in new batteries (as they were stored, dry) and it didn't cost much (I bought a 25 gallon container of it, some 30+ years ago). I haven't looked at the market recently...

You can still buy it, most small motorcycle type batteries don't sell fast enough so they are shipped dry... And it can't be worth much I got a battery filled last year at a store and they didn't charge me and I didn't even buy the battery from them.. (( so I took them each a coffee and box of doughnuts so a few liters was under $15 ))

Catalysts are substances that make reactions happen faster (or happen at all) without actually being part of the reaction. The "catalytic converter" in your car's exhaust is lined with a platinum-based catalyst that encourages the noxious fumes from the engine to break down into less-noxious fumes.

Reversible reactions happen both ways at the same time. In this case, sulphur dioxide joins with oxygen to make sulphur trioxide at the same time as sulphur trioxide breaks down into sulphur dioxide and oxygen. Adding more oxygen can tip the balance over to the trioxide side, as can changing th pressure.

Alembics and retorts are just fancy glassware.

Fuming acid is highly-concentrated (the sort of stuff that strips flesh from bones, and then destroys the bones).