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i am looking for a truck cake recipe, or how to decorate? Answered

i am looking for a cake in the shape of a truck for my grandson's birthday. can anybody help or have an idea on how too




8 years ago

try looking through cakecentral.com there are tons of "how tos" there. Should be a pretty simple design for a beginner cake (as far as carved cakes go) You need to make a dense cake or maybe a pound cake to hold the shape and not just squish. Also helps if you freeze the cake before carving. good luck!


Make lots of smaller cakes, stack them, chop a basic shape (5 year olds aren't picky and can't tell the difference between a silverado and a tundra)

Ice the cake lightly...

Mix up/buy some fondant, roll it out, and spread over the truck.
Go all out and bust out a food-colouring airbrush.


8 years ago

Some baking supply stores in your area may rent out cake forms.  Hopefully, they'll have one in the shape of a truck.  If not, you can probably make your own simply by carving a few cakes baked in "loaf pans" into the shape of a truck.

Then decorate using icing coloured to your liking.  Add details using candy stuck onto the wet icing.

A pickup truck, dump truck, semi, or what? It might make a difference.